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Gary Thompson

All of the work you will find on this site is my own.

Welcome to the portraits of Gary Thompson

My passion is the human face. 

My joy is capturing the thoughts and emotions of my subjects. What else can hold so much emotion and how quickly this can change in just the blink of an eye?

I specialise in close, sensitive and intimate portraits. 

A portrait is not simply a likeness; a great portrait should bring a sense of immediacy and psychological insight. It should be a vivid representation of a person.

'My work is about communication and intimacy. It’s about creating an affinity with the subject that communicates directly with the viewer and elicits an emotional response.'

I still get excited with each portrait commission. It is an opportunity to explore a new landscape and touch the very soul of the subject in my attempt to distil the very essence of the person onto paper.




Working in Conte' Crayon, Charcoal, Oil Pastel, Watercolour and Pencil.



Urban art

In contrast to portraits I enjoy painting buildings particularly those that I have a connection with

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Contact me

Telephone: 01208 812491

E-mail: gtfineart@btinternet.com

Address: Gary Thompson, Mill Cottage

The Mill House

Chapel Amble


PL27 6EN

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